• K-Labs Carbon composite Soft Plastics casting overhead Rod

 K-Labs Carbon composite Soft Plastics overhead, check the design its well finished, it’s got to be one of the coolest looking rods around.

the action is reasonably stiff which avoids lag in hook setting which you get with softer rods, being a little stiffer it is well suited for deep water but just as good on the shallows where you need to turn the fish quickly. This rod is a high quality overhead casting rod, due to its high carbon content it is very responsive light and powerful.

7ft 2100mm
2 piece mid-section joint
Rod rated ->10- 20lb
9 High quality ceramic guides suitable for braided lines.
Very Light Overall weight appx 185gms appx
EVA grips.
Lower grip 280mm long
Fore grip 60mm long
Lower grip has protector cap to prevent wear.
Wind up reel seat design
Reel seat is designed for palm comfort
High sensitivity
Great caster of soft plastics
The colour Black grey with silver trim
Cloth bag as standard, with K-Labs logo…

K-Labs Carbon composite Soft Plastics casting overhead Rod

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